Policy & FAQ

Service Policy

Please be aware that when you book services with Heather of The Graceful Quill, you will be required to sign a standard contract. In some cases, a deposit of $25 or 10% of the estimated project cost (whichever is more) will be due in order to reserve your order and calendar time.

The customer will be required to provide the necessary envelopes, place cards, table cards, and other paper items needed to complete the project. Heather will provide the ink and other tools needed. You should be aware that you must provide at least 10% extra of any and all items requested. This 10% is not meant for additions, so if after Heather has begun the work you request more addressing, place cards, etc., you may be required to provide more envelopes, etc. Most of the time this is not necessary, but something to be aware of.

Please check (and double check) any and all lists provided to Heather. Heather is not responsible for misspellings, wrong addresses, or incorrect zip codes if she has duplicated exactly what is on your list. There's nothing worse than a person getting an invitation in the mail and seeing their name spelled incorrectly!

If you choose to cancel services with Heather and she has already begun your work, you will be required to compensate her for what she has completed at the time of termination.

The Graceful Quill is conveniently located in the Lincoln Square neighborhood. Most customers choose to drop off and pick up their orders personally. If you would rather ship your items, that is also an option. Upon completion of services, payment must be received before items can be returned.

If you have any specific questions about Heather's policies, please contact her directly.


Q. What made you want to take up calligraphy?

A. My mom has been doing calligraphy since before I was born, so it was something that was always around. Before she started her own business, I remember being surrounded by boxes of envelopes for jobs she was working on, and I have very fond memories of telling my friends that my mom was a calligrapher. It wasn't until after college that I decided that I wanted to learn and, hopefully, become as skilled as my mom. She has been an amazing teacher!

Q. When did you start doing calligraphy professionally?

A. After much encouragement from my mom and husband, I started The Graceful Quill in the fall of 2007. Since then it has been a pleasure serving brides and grooms in the Chicago area!

Q. What has been your favorite calligraphy job?

A. I don't think I could say I have had just one favorite calligraphy job. They are all unique in their own way, and I enjoy doing calligraphy for each person I work with because I know I am helping them add that personal touch to their special event. I like to think about what guests might think when they receive that unique wedding invitation, or what they think when they see their name drawn on a place card. I have had some exciting jobs, though, for some well known families in Chicago, and a job for a Cartier wedding!

Q. If a bride and groom have a specific style of writing or font that they would like you to do, can you do that? Or do you only specialize in one font?

A. I encourage couples to tell me exactly what style of writing they would like! If they see a sample on my website that they prefer, then that's what I'll do for them. If they have a specific font on their wedding invitation which they would like me to use, then I'll create a font that matches or compliments that style. It's all about personalization!